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Our modern approach to educational travel goes beyond the experience you could have with anyone else. And right now, so do the benefits of switching to EF. We’re offering teachers up to $5,000 plus matching the price of your tour from your current provider and giving each of your students $250 travel scholarships. Fill out your information below and we’ll help you maximize these rewards.

These limited-time bonuses expire on October 1

Making sure the trip itself is amazing for you and your students isn’t enough for us. We want to make choosing to travel with EF incredible, too. For a short period of time, teachers who bring their class trips to EF can earn one of the bonuses below, including cash or Global Rewards Points, while their travelers can take advantage of some great scholarships.

Something for you...

or 450 Global Rewards Points
for 15 paid travelers

or 750 Global Rewards Points
for 25 paid travelers

or 1,500 Global Rewards Points
for 50 paid travelers

...and your students, too

price match

on the tour fee from your
current provider


for each one of
your travelers

*EF will match the price, including tour and tour inclusions, on a similar tour you’ve recently taken with your current provider.

Why switch?

At EF, we go all out for you and your students. Ready to take your trips to the next level? Discover what happens when you partner with EF.

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