Discover our new Global Leadership Summit in New York

Discover our new Global Leadership Summit in New York

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Our Global Leadership Summits are extraordinary events that combine educational tours and a two-day leadership conference, all while tackling significant global issues in the places where they come to life. During this Summit, you and your students will focus on the Influence of Technology on Society.

Here’s what to expect on your Summit in New York:

Immersive travel
Your tour will bring the Influence of Technology on Society theme to life as you gain knowledge and hands-on experience.

Thought Leadership
Hear from world-renowned speakers as they lead discussions and workshops centered around the theme. Previous speakers have included Jane Goodall and Anthony Bourdain.

Innovative Thinking
Work in small teams to learn the design thinking process, then use it to propose solutions to today’s most pressing global challenges.

Personalized Learning
weShare, our personalized learning experience, engages students before, during, and after tour, with the option to create a final project for academic credit.

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